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Marée noire (Oil spill)
Connected artwork
Scenocosme : Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt

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This artwork is connected to internet and is scanning in real-time the RSS feeds of the medias.
The installation is made of a monitor for show some fractions of this furtive and immediate informations.
A medical perfusion bag is hanged above the monitor : this one is on perfusion, but the small bag of liquid contains black ink.
When some words referring to conflicts like disaster, tragedy or calamity of our society appear on the screen, then the real black ink covers the screen.

The drop of ink slowly slides from up to down of the monitor before falling to the ground.
Fine drops of ink falling down over time.
The liquid spreads very slowly.

It dries slowly on the floor and it darken more and more the sheets of paper from newspapers put on the ground.
Each morning of the exhibition, a new sheet of newspaper is added to the stack of newspapers of ink soaked before. Day after day, the newspaper stack increases.

In this work, the negative influence of media are dissolved inside the black ink and gradually invades the physical space under the work.

The ink stain of dark increases with the time and invides the territory like an oil spill. The influence of information becomes a physical accumulation: result of a slow media propaganda.

The media streams can affect in an indelible way our body, our mind. The screen, as a technological support for dissemination is here the sensitive witness of these media blasts.
The artwork installation is sweating, weeping, bleeding... transmits physically the media humors.
Originally, the word "humor" comes from a medical language. The humors were considered to be vital fluids inside the human body and whose imbalances could be responsible of diseases. Thus, black bile, from the spleen, refers to the character melancholy, anxious.

"Oil spill" also refers to the energy consumption linked to the data servers and the manufacturing of technological support.
Their environmental impacts seem to be invisible, but they have real impacts.

This oil spil increases like his energetic and environmental impacts.

Every drop is the result of a media dark humor, corresponding to keywords determined in advance, and referring to conflicts: terrorism, war, fear, death, racism etc...

Coproduction : Artois Comm./Labanque

Previous exhibitions of Marée noire

Bibliothèque départementale des Bouches-du-Rhône - Marseille (Fr)
05/03/2022 - 20/07/2022 :

Département des Bouches-du-Rhône
Médiathèque de la ville de La Bouilladisse (Fr)
03/11/2021 - 02/02/2022

Labanque / Centre de production et diffusion en arts visuels - Béthune (Fr)
Empathies - Scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt
Curator : Philippe Massardier
01/04/2017 - 23/07/2017

Scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt -