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Immersive, bright and audio interactive installation made with feathers
Scenocosme : Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt

With the contribution of M.Marceau, Maxime Leroy

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“Vibrisses” : a sensory artwork made in feathers

“Vibrisses” is an interactive sound, light and immersive installation artwork. It is composed of a several hanging feathers like a cloud.
The artwork is delicate, sensitive and airy. The visitor can enter inside for explore it, touch it, feel it.

The sensation of the feathers on the face is remarkably soft and offers a unique tactile experience. Interactive, feathers react to the breaths as well as the delicate contacts of the spectators by producing evolutionary sounds and luminosities, depending on the quality, and the intensity of the interactions.

Feathers create a unique epidermal relationship with the cloud. In contact with the symbolic fragments of the cloud, the body explores a surface and a cloudy matter. Feathers are its vibrisses which form sensitive nerve endings.

The cloud is here like a micro landscape moving and evolving according to what happens around it and inside it. The interactions with the cloud generate its luminous and sonic consistency. Composed of feathers, it creates a symbolic microclimate of relationships between the body, the sky, the animal. When we goes inside this tactile cloud, this one is sensitive to the movements of air, breaths, movements, touches from the visitors. The body becomes a dynamic air movement, participating in the evolution of the cloud. This immersive cloud generates relationships of our body with the others as with the installation composed of an animal attribute: The feathers which are here a symbol of elevation, lightness, spiritual imagination. They are sensitive fragments for generate light and meditative microclimatic interactions.

Support :
- [SCAN] Soutien à la Création Artistique Numérique de la Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
- Ville de Toulouse, Ville de Vence, Ville de St Etienne

Technical development and research

Feathers composed of β keratin are among the softest and strongest natural materials at the same time
The feather cloud consists of a hundred feather boas suspended on a wooden structure hanging from the ceiling.
Each liana of feathers is at its base connected to a sensor of vibrations and movements of high sensitivity.
The slightest breath on the slightest feather becomes perceptible by the software.
Real-time controlled LED light devices are hanged on the top of the structure.
These ones can immerse the cloud in a subtle vaporous light or even make it glow with bright colors.
The software of the artwork analyzes data modified by the sensors and generate light and sound feedbacks.
The software scenarios evolve and each interaction of a viewer transforms the light and sound shapes of the work.

Equipment :
Computer + DMX controller + arduino microcontrollers, Audio system, RGB LED System, wooden structure grid,Sensors, Feathers

Previous exhibitions of Vibrisses

Creation 2022

L'Artsolite - espace d'exposition d'art contemporain - Saint-Jean-en-Royans (Fr)
Exposition personnelle
24/11/2023 - 29/01/

Musée des arts précieux Paul-Dupuy - Toulouse (Fr)
Curator : Francis Saint-Genez
24/05/2023 - 12/11/2023

Pléiades - Festival des arts numériques - Saint-Etienne (Fr)
Bourse du travail
08/11/2022 - 12/11/2022

Musée de Vence / Fondation Émile Hugues - Vence (fr)
Curator : Jean Iborra
Exposition personnelle

29/01/2022 - 12/06/2022 :

Scenocosme : Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt -