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Fantosmatique, for a design of the invisible

The project of the « design of the invisible » speaks about invisible data which surround us : biological, climatic, electromagnetic or energetic. They are « fantosmatiques ». This portmanteau word means that they are at the same time ghosts (they haunt the space) and sources of fantasies (they generate desire and fears). The « design of the invisible » tries to draw sensitive outlines of invisible in order to create an extraordinary reality. It considers the invisible to be a living element of environment. The cloud is a metaphor of invisible, because it has an unpredictable form, it is in indeterminate metamorphosis, and his process escapes to our sensory sphere. It is moving with climatics, biologicals, energetics or electromagnetics forces. It is materialized here by drawings or suggested in space with symbolic markers.

Invisible biologic fields

Nuées passantes
Extract of the serie / pencil, indian ink,

Nuées passantes is a representation of human biological microclimate which is emanated from breath and skin: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and toxin.

Terrier atmosensible
Extract, digital printing


Performance video of 20 minutes with dancer Giovanna Parpagiola
The dancer is inspired by this biological terriers and tries to imitate a cloud. She builds is own climatic shelter which evolutes according to outside and inside winds.

Extract of the serie / pencil
The cloud is drawn with a graphic constraint. His shape is always undetermined, unpredictable which evolutes according to inside winds. Like clouds, the drawing generates shapes for dream.

Invisible electromagnetic fields

The territorial policy wishes the abolition of the «white zones» (where mobile phones don’t connect to the network). In brackets are symbolic markers, and draws space where mobile phones don’t connect. Human’s body disappear in a zone of shadow , in a zone of silence-mobile-phone-networks and becomes a kind of ghost.

Interference waves are inside extremity of this two vertical arms. Interference waves emit within a radius of 5 m. This «zone of disappearance» is an interference cell. Temporarely, body becomes a ghost, because he escapes to the system of traceability GPS.


Prototype with wood and interference waves



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